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About Us

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We are Maximus customer service professionals, and we are uniting to win the better pay and working conditions that we deserve.

Every day, we provide assistance, support, and information to tens of thousands of Americans on a broad range of issues, and help them resolve problems they may face. We are proud of our work. But with a voice on the job and improved working conditions, we believe that we can serve Americans even better. Winning higher pay will also enable us to provide better for our families and strengthen our communities.

This is why we are working together as part of the Communications Workers of America (CWA). CWA is a union that represents 700,000 workers, including over 65,000 customer service professionals who have united to achieve a better future for their families.

As part of CWA, tens of thousands of call center agents have won higher pay with annual raises. CWA call center agents have also bargained with their employers for better working conditions, including fair monitoring and metrics, flexible scheduling, and work/family programs.