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Biden Pushing to Raise Our Wages to $15/hr Minimum

On January 22, 2021 we woke up to the excellent news that President Biden plans on signing an Executive Order to begin the process of raising the Federal Contractor minimum wage to $15 an hour and instituting emergency paid leave for federal contractor workers. These will be huge victories for our campaign and are only happening because we, as well as other federal contractor workers, have pushed for it and raised our voices collectively about the need for a living wage for so long.

The Executive Order directs federal agencies “to start the work that would allow [President Biden] to issue an Executive Order within the first 100 days that requires federal contractors to pay a $15 minimum wage and provide emergency paid leave to workers.” 

We want to make sure that our call for higher pay is heard during this review process and that Maximus and CMS know that raising our pay as soon as possible is imperative during this global pandemic. We are essential workers and deserve to be treated as such. Besides, bringing all Maximus workers up to a family-supporting wage of $15 an hour is long overdue.

You can make your voice heard on this issue by signing onto our Maximus Worker Bill of Rights which includes a demand for a living wage of $15 an hour or higher. Maximus should follow Biden’s lead and implement $15 pay immediately to address years of injustice and harm, and should respect our right to form a union so that we can bargain over other issues like our rising, unaffordable health care costs.

We will add posts to our website with further details on the Executive Order when it’s available and will be vigilantly watching and communicating with lawmakers to make sure that Maximus complies with this order. Today let’s celebrate this victory! Make sure to share this important message and information with your coworkers as well as the link to our Bill of Rights.

In solidarity,

Sylvia Walker, Bogalusa, LA
Lanycha Hall, Hattiesburg, MS
Anna Flemming, Hattiesburg, MS
Raven Perkins, Hattiesburg, MS
Sherri Collier, Hattiesburg, MS
Shaliza Menuel, Bogalusa, LA
Jamie Brown, Hattiesburg, MS
Tonya Jordan, Hattiesburg, MS
Antonia Bender, Hattiesburg, MS
Cynthia Johnson, Hattiesburg, MS
Delilah Evans, Hattiesburg, MS
Lakeisha Preston, Hattiesburg, MS
Roddell Sutton, Phoenix, AZ
John Wayne, Lawrence, KS
Christopher Thomas, Lawrence, KS
Erin Fox, Lawrence, KS
Kristen Runk, Lawrence, KS
Adam Kidder, Lawrence, Ks
Logan Stinemetz, Lawrence, KS
Penny Werst-Wingert, Lawrence, KS
Shawpoor Shaw, Lawrence, KS
Alyssa Lee, Lawrence, KS
Monica Harris, Chester, VA
Will Magnant, Chester, VA
Kelly Viets, Chester, VA
Rochel Robertson, Chester, VA
Shaena Goodman-Robinson, Chester, VA
Patricia Green, Chester, VA
Barbara Brown, Chester, VA
Cassie Ludwig, London, KY
Danielle Asher, London, KY
Annie Pelfrey, Winchester, KY