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Call on Maximus to Take Action To Protect Workers from COVID-19

01 Apr, 2020

We call on Maximus management to take all possible measures to keep workers, our families, and our communities safe from COVID-19. 

Click here to send a message to Maximus CEO Bruce Caswell asking him to meet (via video) with our organizing committee to address the safety precautions the company must take to protect its workers, their families, and our communities from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We demand that Maximus take immediate steps to adopt and uniformly enforce the following measures to protect its workforce and the communities in which they live from COVID-19:

1. The option of working from home; if they cannot, due to the lack of equipment or internet access; 

2. The option of taking emergency paid leave while keeping their insurance coverage.

  • This leave should be extended to anyone who has been diagnosed or exposed to coronavirus or anyone who would be at high risk if they contracted it, or who needs to take leave to care for a dependent.
  • The paid leave should not be contingent on requiring any medical documentation that proves a worker has been infected with the coronavirus, given the lack of testing available and an increasingly overloaded healthcare system.
  • Nor should proof of school closures where it is common knowledge be required.

3. Incentive pay for working during this pandemic that is not contingent on meeting a threshold of hours worked. Workers who are risking their lives by leaving their homes to work in Maximus call centers may fall ill while doing so, and should be compensated for taking that risk.

4. The ability to maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet apart at all times as is currently being recommended by the CDC; this should include time spent on the call center floor as well as in training classes and any job recruitment activities.

5. Access to EPA approved disinfectant soaps and hands-free hand-sanitizer at all times and in all call centers, and permission to bring in their own hand-sanitizer and wipes given recent shortages.