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How Biden’s minimum wage order will impact thousands of federal contractors

[caption caption="Maximus workers raise the call for immediate pay increases and improved worker conditions." align="right"][/caption]


After years of protest and mobilization we were able to get President Biden to sign an executive order for a $15 minimum wage increase

We won $15 for all of us at Maximus call centers and the nearly 400,000 low wage federal contract workers who also do vital work that millions rely on.  But our wage increase can't wait, we need $15 now. As Sylvia Walker explained, through our work at Maximus call centers we oversee healthcare access for millions. 


This means so much to me and my coworkers, thousands of Maximus employees staffing the 1-800 Medicare and Affordable Care Act lines, who help Americans get access to affordable healthcare every day. We have been vocal for years about our low pay at Maximus,” said Walker.