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Our Healthcare Costs are Going up at Maximus

03 Dec, 2019

Did you receive word that our healthcare costs are going up at Maximus next year?

Maximus framed these changes to our healthcare plan as beneficial to us, but the bottom line is that our deductibles will rise by $500, our urgent care copays will double, and our annual out-of-pocket maximums will increase by $1,000! For those of us with additional medical care needs due to serious illness, we no longer have the choice to purchase extended coverage. Our emergency room visit costs will go up from $150 to $500 if we’re lucky enough to not be admitted.

Click here to see a chart that gives us the real scoop on these changes:

These healthcare hikes by Maximus are completely unacceptable, especially when many of us are barely able to scrape by and feed our families. We help make the company profitable, and yet, the company is nickel and diming us. In fact, a stark reminder of inequity in our workplace is demonstrated through reports that, in 2018, Maximus made $220 million in profits, and that CEO Bruce Caswell received over $3 Million in total compensation!

This is just one of the reasons we’re joining together with our coworkers to form our union. A union isn’t some big, bad scary thing, it’s us. It’s our voice because with a union, we’d have a say in deciding our wages, benefits and working conditions.

We have been demanding a meeting with management for a while regarding the attendance policy they implemented a few months ago, and it’s time that they listen. We need a voice in shaping policies that make sense for us and our families and don’t cause turnover and disruption to the important work we do at our call centers.

By joining together we will have far more power to make positive changes than we would alone. Let Maximus know they cannot continue to ignore our call for a meeting. Hundreds of our coworkers have signed a petition making this demand and asking for a fair attendance policy. Join us now by signing here:

Be sure to forward the petition onto all of the coworkers for which you have contact information - the more signatures we have the more power we have to make real change together and make our voices heard.