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Presidential candidates stand with MAXIMUS workers!

28 Aug, 2019

In August, two candidates for U.S. President, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders, in addition to Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, announced their support for our fight for better working conditions and a union at MAXIMUS!

We have powerful allies in elected leaders like Senators Sanders and Warren and Governor Inslee. Every week, our movement to build a voice and power at MAXIMUS is growing stronger.

Senator Elizabeth Warren committed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us in a video message to MAXIMUS call center workers. “I stand with you in your fight to organize at MAXIMUS to be able to bargain collectively and get fair wages for the vital work you do for our government,” Senator Warren said. “Unions built America’s middle class, and unions will rebuild America’s middle class ... Stay in this fight at MAXIMUS, I’ll be right there by your side. Persist!”

Congratulations to @CWAUnion for this positive step in their fight against wage theft and corporate greed at @Maximus_news. I stand with them in their fight.

— Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) August 16, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted his support for us fighting for the better pay we deserve. Senator Sanders has been standing with us for a long time. Last year, he met with workers from the Hattiesburg and Bogalusa call centers to learn about our organizing for fair pay and a union.

Governor Jay Inslee also declared his support for us in a video message to MAXIMUS workers. “I’m so excited to know that you’re making an effort to create a union at MAXIMUS,” Inslee said. “People having the ability to form a union is fundamental to America. I want to encourage you and tell you that I support you. We need to make sure people have a right to form a union and make their own decision free of management interference. . . Let's make sure working people are treated fairly in this nation.”

These amazing declarations of support came during our first Call Center Workers United convening, which we held in Richmond, Virginia near MAXIMUS’ call center in Chester. MAXIMUS CCO call center workers from Bogalusa, Chester, Hattiesburg, Lawrence, and London took part in the convening.

At our convening, we learned that at different call centers around the country, we face the same problems: unfair pay, unaffordable healthcare deductibles, and a new attendance policy that is downright wrong.

This is why we are committed to stand together in our fight for a better future for us all. When we stand united, we have the power to win the treatment and respect that we deserve.