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New Report: Unaffordable Care

Call center workers who help Americans enroll in affordable health plans do not have access to quality, affordable healthcare of their own. A new analysis by CWA finds that workers at Maximus, Inc., a giant federal contractor, have health plans that are both more expensive than comparable plans and expose them to higher out-of-pocket expenses, with deductibles as high as $4,500 per year—15% of a year’s wages for the lowest-paid Maximus workers. This means that the very workers that the federal government trusts to help millions of Americans enroll in Medicare and Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans do not have adequate access to affordable healthcare themselves.

As part of its contract with the federal government, Maximus is reimbursed for its fringe benefit costs. Maximus has not been a responsible steward of this money—and it is Maximus workers who are paying the price.

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