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We're making news again!

06 Feb, 2020

Our fight for better wages, affordable healthcare, and a fair attendance policy at Maximus has been making waves in the news!

Our stories were featured in an article in New York Magazine exposing Maximus for not providing a healthcare plan that is affordable for us and our families. A new article in Mother Jonesalso featured our stories about how difficult it is to afford healthcare while working at Maximus, in addition to the challenges created by the company’s new attendance policy.

Many of our co-workers struggle to pay their medical bills. It is ironic that we help others get the healthcare they need, while we can’t afford to get adequate care ourselves or often have to go into debt doing so.

This is why we’re standing up together for change, a voice on the job, and a union!

Spread the word by sharing the New York Magazine and Mother Jones articles with your coworkers!